Gino Graziano

As founder of Design Business Consulting, Gino’s focus is to provide high-level Accounting and Strategic solutions for Interior Design start-ups and small businesses.

Melissa Alamilla

With over 10 years in the interior design industry, Melissa’s experience encompasses office, financial and retail management. She enjoys working on the details of creating proposals, purchase orders, and accounting.

Katie Miller

Katie brings over 15 years of experience within the fields of art, architecture, and interior design, and specializes in operations management, business development, and contract negotiations. She solidified her interest in the business of design while receiving her MBA at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Lisa Ramblas

Lisa from the San Francisco Bay Area, has 25 years accounting experience. She specializes in Interior Design accounting support, since she has family also in the industry, by using Design Manager and Quickbooks.