Creative firms have to manage demanding clients and challenging production schedules, all the while keeping track of budgets and being mindful of the bottom line.  Having the right business tools in place is essential.  Early on, we have teamed up with the gold standard in interior design accounting software, Design Manager, which tracks items by location.

Interior design firms function as both manufacturers and resellers of goods and provider of design services. Having a contract that includes a fair markup and a fixed design fee, as well as room for hourly billing, are required for financial success.  As companies vary in size, smart business planning, software training, and management consulting services are tailored to meet your firms need specific needs. We offer back-office support that includes, monthly checking and credit card reconciliation, sales tax returns, and financial tracking and purchase order tracking.

80% of an Interior Designer’s time is spent on paper work and logistics. To enjoy the remaining creative 20%, employing the right mix of creative and business-minded staff is key. We screen employment candidates and guide you through human resources management.


  • Cashflow Management

  • Strategic Development

  • Process & Efficiency Implementation

  • Financial Statements

  • General Ledger Maintenance

  • Sales & Use Tax

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Account Reconciliations

  • Accounts Payable Management

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Set Up & Implementation

  • Migration from other accounting applications

  • On-site and Virtual Training & Support

  • Troubleshooting & Resolution